eBook Conversion Services & Help

Authors today have multiple options for book distribution, including eBooks. Converting your files into eBook-ready formats is another service offered by AllAmerican Publishers.

Personal attention by our team

Some services use computer programs for conversions that spit out generic files with mistakes throughout. At AllAmerican Publishers, we always convert your book files manually, taking the time to look at your files carefully and hand-making any adjustments necessary. This added care and craftsmanship, the same touch we add to all of our printed books, shows in the finished product.

Format options

With eBook conversion by AllAmerican Publishers, you get two files. We convert your book files to both MOBI format (for Kindle) and ePub format (for all other eBook readers). We also include a jpg image of your book’s cover with each order, which will be important for displaying or publishing your eBook online.


Economy conversions are for books with:

  • Less than 200 pages(formatted in 12-point Times in Microsoft Word)
  • No footnotes or end notes
  • 10 or less pictures, graphics and charts


Standard book conversions are for books with:

  • Less than 400 pages(formatted in 12-point Times in Microsoft Word)
  • Less than 100 footnotes or end notes
  • Less than 50 pictures, graphics and charts


If your book does not fit the criteria listed in either category above, your eBook conversion would be considered a custom conversion. For custom conversions, provide the following information, and we’ll provide a custom quote:

  • Number of pages
  • Number of footnotes or endnotes
  • Number pictures, graphics and charts

Or, you can email us your file, and we’ll take a look at it and provide the custom quote.

Adding eBook conversions to your order

If you would like to add an eBook conversion to your print book order, you’ll be able to do so during the initial order process. If your print book order has already been placed, contact us to add an eBook to the existing order.

Once we have converted your files to eBook format, what will you receive?

We email two sets of files:

  • MOBI format (for Kindle)
  • ePub format (for all other eBook readers).

The MOBI file should only be installed on a Kindle for reading purposes. The ePub file can be installed on other readers such as iPhone, iPad, Nook etc. We recommend that you do not try to read the files on a computer, even with certain eBook simulators, as they are not true representations of the eBook. However, if you do not have access to an e-Reader device, you can use free software such as Adobe Digital Editions or the Kindle App to view the files on your computer.

If you discover any problems with the workmanship of your files, we will fix it immediately at no cost to you. If you have typos or “author’s alterations” that you would like to fix, we may be able to fix them. We offer these fixes at a reasonable hourly rate. (Of course, it is always best practice – and least expensive – to make sure your files are perfect before the conversion process. This is where the importance of an editor comes in to play.)

Differences between eBooks and your original files or printed books

While our conversion team takes extra time to replicate the look and feel of your original file, the layout of your book may not be exactly the same. eBooks have certain limitations that other files do not. You may notice the following differences between your printed book and your eBook:

  • Fonts will change based on the reader’s personal choice
  • Text will flow differently depending on the size of the device and the font and font size that the reader has chosen.(For example, on an iPhone you may see 2 paragraphs on the page, but if you’re reading the same file on an iPad, you may see 5 paragraphs on the page since the device is larger).
  • The layout is not static like it is in a printed book.(If you need the layout to be static, please send us your file and we can provide a quote for a fixed layout .epub file).
  • Images will be centered between paragraphs instead of showing up with text wrapping around them.
  • Background images or colors may not show up
  • If you have call outs or text boxes in your book separate from the main text, we recommend removing them prior to having us convert the file; otherwise they will be inserted as images, centered between paragraphs.
  • We do not include any index in the file. An index in a printed book refers to specific page numbers. In an eBook, the page numbers vary based on device and font selection. We do include a linked table of contents, which links to each chapter.
  • Headers and footers have certain limitations based on the specific eReader device used to view the eBook.